Ukefarm Apps creates high quality chord fonts for most stringed instruments. We focus on the music education and music therapy fields – with these the world is in a better place. If you need any of our apps donated for instructional use, please contact us for a download code.

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Why our chord software is loved

Tested Design

Tested Design

Chordette has been used by numerous Ukulele Clubs to create song sheets and song books for meetings. Chordette has been used to include ukulele chords in three music books. The Chordette custom chord fonts have been used in iOS apps.

Tons of Tunings

Tons of Tunings

Most versions of Chordette support multiple instruments. All apps use the same chord set and keyboard mapping. If you play multiple instruments, you can create a song sheet for one, and use another Chordette font to transpose for the second instrument.

Chord Fonts

Chord Fonts

Chordette works in conjunction with your word processor of choice. Create song sheets, chord charts, or your own chord book with just the chords you want. Select between 1st position and 2nd position chords.

What people say

Here are a few comments about our apps:

Christopher J. Russell, Ph.D.

Technology in Music Education

"As a result of using Chordette, I could have a consistent chord chart across all of my resources, and I was even able to use the font to make my own instructional ukulele play alongs … I love this Mac/Windows application, and highly recommend it. "

d. salt

"It's a wonderful world we live in when something like Chordette exists for someone like me who could never do that in a million years!"


Ukulele Underground

"I just attended a session by a leading ukulele pedagogue, who provided chord sheets with hand written chords. The hand-written chords were basically illegible after photocopying. That pedagogue could have used Chordette."

  • Ukulele Kids Club