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Create Guitalele chord charts and song sheets fast ànd easy! Chordette has 1st and 2nd position Guitalele chord fonts and a tool to browse them. Tuned ADGCEA and compatible with Baritone Guitar for Mac and Windows.

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What is it?

Baritone Guitar Chord font

Guitalele Chord font

Chordette contains high quality guitalele chords and an application to manage them. The Chordette app can send the chord fonts to other applications as text, so you can make your own chord charts and song sheets for Guitalele or Baritone Guitar. Each chord is mapped to a specific key on the keyboard, so you can use the chord fonts without the Chordette app. It’s a lot easier than dealing with images of chords, making it easy to create guitalele chord charts and song sheets. Chordette includes first and second position chords, and is a favorite tool for teachers, music therapists, and musicians.

What instruments are supported?

Chordette is available in multiple tunings for most stringed instruments. Most versions of Chordette support multiple instruments.

AppInstruments SupportedTuning
Chordette for GuitaleleGuitalele, Baritone GuitarADGCEA
Chordette for UkuleleConcert Ukulele, BanjoleleGCEA
Chordette for Soprano UkeSoprano UkuleleADF#B
Chordette for Baritone UkeBaritone UkuleleDGBE
Chordette for MandolinMandolin, Irish Tenor Banjo, Irish BouzoukiGDAE
Chordette for BanjoBanjogDGBD
Chordette for Tenor BanjoTenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar, MandolaCGDA
Chordette for GuitarGuitarEADGBE

Each version of the Chordette font uses the same chord sets and keyboard mappings. If you play multiple instruments, you can create a chord chart for one, then use another Chordette font to transpose the chart to another.

For example, you can create a song for Guitalele, then instantly transpose it for Ukulele and Mandolin by changing font sets.

What is the Chordette App?

The Chordette app is a companion to the Chordette fonts and acts as a Guitalele chord library browser. It takes up very little screen real estate so you can run it side by side with other apps. It provides a handy interface for looking at guitalele chords in first and second position on the fretboard. When used to create guitalele chord charts, there is a Copy Chord button to enter chords into the document. The Chordette app is available for both Mac and Windows.

Is it free?

Yes! Chordette for Guitalele and Baritone Guitar is free and serves as a demo for other Chordette apps. It includes guitalele chord font sets and the chord library app for both Mac and Windows.

We also have ChordSongs, our online Chord utility to create chord charts and song sheets. It is a free alternative to Chordette. Give it a try!


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